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Stem Cells

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the use of adult stem cells to treat certain diseases. The stem cells are derived from the patient’s own blood, bone marrow and/or fat.

In general terms, stem cells are progenitor cells that lead to the creation of new cells. They are regenerative in their function; they are regenerative cells.

A Second Chance: Patients are given another chance at life when the options available through conventional means are exhausted.

Positive Side Effects: Stem cells also behave like beacons that alert the body to send its own regenerative resources to the site and reactivate the healing process in situations where the body would not have done so voluntarily.

Natural: Regenerative solutions replace damaged cells and tissue by making the most of the body’s natural regenerative potential, not just implant a temporary or artificial fix.

Proven Results: Clinical results thus far have proven positive. Remarkably, no patient has responded negatively to the cells and the small percentage of patients who did not respond to treatment showed no negative side effects.

Safe and Effective: Because the Adult Stem Cells are derived directly from the patient’s own blood, there is virtually no possibility for rejection, as compared to donor replacement organs and blood transfusions.

Success Rates: Receiving treatment now will offer a greater result than later. Just as with other medical treatments, it is always better to treat a serious progressive disease sooner then wait until symptoms and complications get worse.

What conditions are being treated by stem cell therapy?

We arrange for treatment for patients with conditions for which traditional treatment offers less than optimal options. Those conditions include Autoimmune Diseases, Degenerative Joint Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spinal Injury, and others.

Can other treatments be taken at the same time?

Typically, a doctor will review what other treatments and medication the patient is already taking. Any further medical decision about what should be included or deleted from the patient’s regimen during the stem cell treatment will therefore be made on an individual basis. However, there are not any known contraindications for other therapies during stem cell treatment. We strongly recommend adjuvant therapies to be carried parallel to the stem cell treatment. These therapies we offer at our facilities and are based on intravenous micronutrients. These optimize the body to receive the stem cells and create ideal conditions for the regenerative process.

Are there any known side effects to the therapy?

Doctors who have treated patients have not reported any side effects other than slight discomfort at the tissue extraction site. There could be other theoretical side effects from your treatment. Your physician will go over any potential side effects with you.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

After the doctor reviews the patient’s medical records will inform the patient if the procedure will be beneficial or not for his/her medical condition. At this point the patient may request an appointment for face to face or phone consult with the doctor to discuss the details of the treatment. Up on the patient agreeing with the type of procedure, adjuvant therapies, expenses, and conditions to receive treatment an appointment will be scheduled to perform the procedure. The process of scheduling takes one to two weeks, from the time of the initial contact to the date of the appointment to effect the procedure.

What about the ethical issues involved with stem cell therapy?

According to several religious denominations, adult stem cells are not encumbered by any ethical or moral dilemmas. Those ethical issues which apply to fetal and embryonic stem cells do not apply to adult stem cells. Both the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Church have issued papers which actually encourage research and the use of adult stem cells in the treatment of human disease, as an ethically acceptable alternative to the use of the ethically challenged fetal and embryonic stem cells.

How long does the procedure take?

Cellular therapies are revolutionary new procedures where we extract and reintroduce the stem cells into the same patient all within the same procedure, on the same day, and within the same facility. There is no culturing or freezing of the autologous cells as we do not wish to change or manipulate them, just keep their natural state until ready to be reintroduced back into the body. This is in direct contrast with non-autologous cells transplant like placenta and cord blood. These tissues come from other donors and may be rejected by your immune system, may transmit diseases caused by viruses or bacteria carried by the donor, or acquired by contamination of the samples. Since we harvest from the most abundant source of stem cells, located within the patient’s own fat tissue, we avoid the need to manipulate and multiply these autologous cells thus helping to ensure their survival.

What are the costs?

Consultations are done on the first day and last about an hour. The treatment and procedures are done on the day thereafter and take approximately 3 hours. Most procedures and treatments only cost between $4,500 and $15,000 for the entire 1-2 hour consultation, harvesting, extraction, preparation, infusion and custom-compounded medication(s). Final price depends on complexity of procedure, adjuvant therapies, clinical application as per the medical condition to be treated.

Is this FDA Approved?

Neither statements, treatments, nor products on this article have been evaluated by the FDA. Our treatment center offers autologous therapies including stem cell treatments. We follow the basic regulations issued by FDA to perform our procedures:
Autologous transfer of tissue or stem cells. Tissue and/or cells are harvested from the patient that will receive them. Minimal manipulation of tissue/cells, No culturing, expanding, freezing, preserving cells. All procedures completed within one single treatment. The total length of the procedure is about four hours, including harvesting of tissue, isolation of cells, and transferring back into patient’s body.

We do not manufacture products and comply with the basic FDA regulations for autologous transplant hence our institution is in compliance with federal and state regulations. If you have concerns with any type of autologous therapy, autologous stem cell treatment, stem cell therapy, or product/technique that we or perform, and think we may be violating any USA law, please contact us immediately, so that our legal team can investigate the matter or concern. All statements, opinions, and advice provided here, via wire, or via educational seminars, are provided for educational information only. We do not diagnose nor treat via website or phone. We offer the above therapies via a doctor-patient established relationship which requires direct contact with the physician. Patients should be aware that we are not claiming that any applications or potential applications using these autologous treatments represent a definitive cure for any medical condition.

Is a special diet required?

No. However we advise every patient to follow healthy diets, eliminate alcohol consumption a week before and two weeks after procedure, and stop or reduce smoking to a minimum.

Are any nutritional supplements or medication taken along with stem cell treatment?

Your treating physician may prescribe specific nutritional supplements that may enhance the potential benefits of the stem cell therapy. Such prescriptions will be made on an individual basis, depending on each patient’s particular evaluation. We strongly recommend our proprietary micronutrients intravenous infusions. The infusion cocktails are specifically customized for each patient according to their medical condition. The aim of this therapy is to replenish vitamins and minerals to prepare the body to receive the cellular therapy so the patient gets the maximum regenerative effect.

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