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Mesotherapy and Weight Loss

Mesotherapy and weight loss For those who find liposuction “too much”, or those who have already had liposuction, and now find fat depositing in other areas as well as cellulite that’s worse than before, non–invasive Mesotherapy for fat loss and body contouring is the perfect answer.
What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is the practice of injecting small amounts of medication and/or vitamins into the mesoderm or middle layer of skin. Mesotherapy was given formal recognition by the French Academy of Medicine in 1987 and was pioneered by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952. Presently, over 15,000 medical practitioners provide Mesotherapy throughout Europe, Great Britain and South America. Mesotherapy has been used in the treatment of acne, arthritis and joint problems, sports injuries as well as for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing cellulite and weight loss. While each Mesotherapy treatment may involve hundreds of small injections, the treatment sessions typically take only minutes to complete. Mesotherapy — over the course of approximately 10 sessions — blocks our ability to store fat and stimulates our ability to burn it up.
Mesotherapy and Cellulite
Over 80% of women experience cellulites problems. Cellulite, or dimple skin on the thighs, buttocks or abdomen appears to have little relations with life style – even those who exercise are not immune to the problem. Cellulite impacts usually women and men are rarely affected. Female skin is thinner, orientation of collagen and elastin fibers is different and hormonal changes play an important role.
Mesotherapy and Aging?
Wrinkle appearance is a natural process of human aging process, which causes worsening of skin hydration and decrease of elastin and collagen production. Various factors play a role including excess UV exposure, the presence of pollutants in our environment, smoking, and higher concentration of free radicals. Deliveries of specialized active substance cocktails that address various facets of the skin aging process contribute to skin rejuvenation and repair. Generally this process is unstoppable however it can be significant slowed downer. “It is important for anyone who is considering this voluntary procedure to understand that the products used to perform Lipo dissolve are not approved by the FDA for fat removal”
Weight Reduction: The global epidemic of obesity threatens longevity. Considerable evidence supports the notion that a physically active person of normal body weight lives longer than the overweight, inactive individual. Obesity causes premature morbidity and mortality as a consequence of obesity-related diseases. Furthermore, an overweight status is often associated with metabolic problems, such as the Metabolic Syndrome X. The association between being overweight and the occurrence of the Metabolic Syndrome X presents a unifying concept of premature aging, because of its attendant morbidity and mortality.
Miami Surgical Center & Bonsai MedSpa& MedSpa has a complete weight loss program based on your own metabolic rate and your personal goals, with the help of our certified physician we can offer you FDA approved treatment and medications to decrease your appetite and anxiety levels related with the weight gain.
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