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Brazilian Butt Implants

Brazilian Butt Implants– Butt Augmentation
Butt Implants or Buttock augmentation is the plastic surgery and liposculpture cosmetic procedure that corrects congenital, defects and deformities of the gluteal region or Buttocks. Buttocks augmentation can simply help your gluteus region look better and solve many self-esteem problems by the aesthetic enhancement of the contour of the gluteus. In Miami Surgical Center & Bonsai MedSpa& MedSpa, we provide patients who wish a But implant with the best care and best team of specialized plastic surgeons in Florida and South Florida. The procedures of Brazilian Butt Lift that corrects and repairs buttock area include buttock emplacement thorough a butt implant, and liposculpture that will perfect the buttock area by correcting a particular defect or deformity of the gluteal region. Furthermore, this plastic surgery can be performed to men and women. This plastic surgery procedure can be performed on women to accentuate and enhance the anatomic curvature of the gluteus in order to establish a more feminine buttocks and hips. Buttock implants are a response to those who wish to display a curvy body that or simply want to increase the volume of your “derriere”. Although the basic technique of the plastic surgery is very similar to implants used in breast implants, or buttock implant are different. The reason is simple. Gluteal implants must withstand the weight of the person and the pressure to walk or exercise, so the silicone gel implants contain high density and cohesiveness, and may not be. People with buttock implants must be careful to avoid intramuscular injections that area.
There are different forms of implants there is the round or oval (also called an anatomic implant). The best way to make a good choice is to consult with our plastic surgeon specialized in Brazilian Butt Lift.
Miami Surgical Center is the number one option for this type of procedures in South Florida.
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The Surgery
Outpatient…….at Miami Surgical Center and
1 -3 hrs duration.
Post Op visit in 48 hours.
The Recovery
Mild discomfort.
Return to work/driving by 10 days.
Light exercise at end of two weeks.
Full exercise at end of four weeks.
Wear garment for 6 weeks.

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