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Armando Pineda­


Dr. Armando Pineda­ Velez studied Medicine at the UNAM Faculty of Mexico in Mexico City. As undergraduate, Dr. Pineda ­Velez participated extensively in clinical research projects such as: Fetal Brain Monitoring, Pre­ Columbian Ancient Medicine in the Americas, Mayan Medicine, Cancer Research and alternative medicine. He is Founder of the Mexican Institute of Cardiology and Master Teacher of the American Academy of Medical Sciences. During his training in Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Pineda ­Velez became part of the Mexican team of researchers lead by Drs. Luis Gonzalez­ Barcenas and Felipe Gordon, who helped Dr. Andrew V. Schally establish and label the entire repertoire
of Hypothalamic Releasing Factors (LH­RH, FSH­RH, etc). Dr. Pineda ­Velez’s fascination with the studies of Dr. Brown­ Sequard (France) and Dr. Gregorio Maranon (Spain) who pursued hormone replacement therapy at the turn of the 20th century, and later with the clinical research of Dr. Paul Niehans (Switzerland) on human hormonal replacement, anti­ aging and regenerative medicine led Dr. Pineda­ Velez to turn his attention to regenerative medicine.

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